My name is Cheryl T. Bosch, but I sign my artwork as CEEBS. It is a nickname lovingly given to me by my sister, over 30 years ago. I like signing my work with an unobtrusive, non-gendered, one word name. After all, the work is not about me, but about itself - about its evolved state.

When I start a piece of work in whatever media, I do so for several reasons - the subject might touch me, the colors might inspire me, or I might simply find it challenging. I want or need to experience the artistic process, whether it is in the soft, silky, strokes of a pastel or the delicate whisper of graphite on paper. The act of drawing or painting has the ability to consume me - mind, body, and soul. The exploration is limitless.

I have been on a journey of discovery with my artwork since I first put paint to canvas. I would like to point out and allow everyone to see the simple beauty that lies all around us. I want people to stop and realize the loveliness of a street lamp , the sensuality of a smile or the curve of an elbow. My work deals with angles, cropping, and zooming in or out to look at realistic things in a fresh way. I take liberties with color, size, and perspective because sometimes the subject cries out for enhancement.

If we all stopped to look at the beauty in our everyday lives, we might just find our bliss.


My fiber works are relatively new but oh so exciting.  I love playing what if...what if I use this fiber in this way?  What if I felt this longer than normal and carve into it?  What if I use resists or objects to create the shape?  The possibilities are endless.  Whether I am painting or working with fibers it is the act of creating that I love.


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