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Before You Frame, Questions to Ask

The first thing to consider is your framer. You will need to ask some questions.

Is the framer certified?

The Professional Picture Framers Association conducts certification exams to insure that the framer is knowledgeable in the proper way of framing your artwork. There is much to learn to preserve as well as present your work to its full potential. How much experience does the order taker and framer have?

Will the person that helps you choose the best framing design be from another department of the store or is framing their full time job?

If this is a piece of work that you bought for a particular room, really look at the room. You may want to match colors. If so, it is best to bring something from the room so that the framer can match colors successfully. It is very difficult to remember the precise shade of colors. Also, you will want to be aware of any size restrictions for the piece. Another thing to check is the style of the room. You will not want to put an ultra modern frame into an antique setting. Many styles will blend effectively but if you have decorated every aspect of the room in a certain style, your framing should coordinate.

You will want to have any documentation or information with you.

This can be placed in a pocket on the back of your work.

Your artwork should be in a safe package to transport it to the gallery.

If you are planning to go to the frame shop after a long day at work, you may want to bring the art into work with you if it is a very hot or humid day. Paper and canvas can be affected by extreme temperatures. Quite often once a piece of paper has been rippled by humidity it can not be flattened successfully.

Lastly, allow yourself enough time to choose your framing style.

There are often thousands of choices between mats and framing. Because this is a decision that you will live with a long time, allow yourself at least an hour in most cases, to make the best choice.

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