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Dry Mounting - This is a method of permanently adhering your work to a board using a vacuum press. It keeps it flat and prevents buckling from humidity. Because it is permanent, dry mounting is not recommended for any original or signed and numbered pieces.

Methyl Cellulose - This is an adhesive that is totally reversible and free of any acid or harmful ingredients. Using this in combination with Japanese paper hinges is a recommended method for mounting valuable works on paper to their acid free backing board.

Ultra Violet Filter Glass - This type of glass will prevent fading from the harmful rays of the sun. It is available in regular and nonglare.

Fillets - pronounced fill-ays and also fill-ets. - Made from wood, these are very small frames meant to nestle inside a mat or inside the lip of a frame. They provide depth and visual highlights.

Faux Fillets - Made from hand colored marble paper wrapped around beveled foam core, these fillets serve the same purpose as wooden fillets.

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