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Identical Pieces, Different Choices

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

This is a great example of just how amazing framing can really be. These were identical pieces, made by the same artist and meant for her mother and sister. The mother wanted hers framed in a more classic manner, while the sister opted for a more ornate feel. The above example included a suede mat in a rich purple color, mimicking the color found in the angel's robe. The inside of the mat was cut with a reverse bevel to allow for a gold fillet, which flowed well with the ornate gold frame chosen.

now, here is the same piece framed in a completely different manner....

The framing on this piece was simpler in design. The owner of the piece opted for a more classical feeling. The top mat was a suede mat with a softer purple tone to reflect the lighter part of the angel's robe. The bottom mat revealed about 1/4" of gold to reflect the halo and details on the angel. The frame was a rich blue burl wood, which is a fantastic wood that contains knots and visual wood grains which makes for a very unique frame. The outside of the frame also had a small amount of gold embellishment, which together makes for a well- rounded framed piece.

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